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Alright, recapping the entirety of the 1960’s Batman Series isn’t exactly the most insightful project. Whatever. I adore the series because it’s silly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it seems like everyone involved had a lot of fun. I could use that in my life. Adulthood is rearing its ugly head: I sleep 6 hours a night, run around 12 hours a day, and have to regularly iron/dry clean a good chunk of my clothing. If anything, my days aren’t silly enough. The solution, obviously, is to scrutinize vintage Batman episodes.

As true fans of the 1960’s series recognize, it is not available on DVD. Bummer. Thankfully, I discovered a few months ago that my local tv station airs it on weeknights. I won’t be able to watch them in order (and I am anal-retentive enough to find that troublesome), but I can start somewhere.

Viewing this comprehensive list of Batman episodes, the first thing I have recorded on my DVR is season two’s episode 74, “That Darn Catwoman.” Sounds purrfect.


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